SEPTA returns to regular schedules for most services week of May 17

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Friday, May 8, 2020

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- SEPTA will return to regular schedules for most of its services starting the week of May 17.

"In an effort to improve conditions for essential travelers and employees during the COVID-19 crisis, and prepare for the region's reopening, SEPTA will return to regular schedules on most Transit services starting the week of May 17. This includes resuming service on all bus and trolley routes with front-door boarding and fare payment, and restoring regular weekday and weekend frequencies on the Market-Frankford, Broad Street and Norristown High Speed Lines," the agency said Friday.

However, there will be some differences with how things were before the pandemic.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, SEPTA has been running a "Lifeline Service Schedule," providing limited service on all modes. SEPTA said the schedule was modified to provide better access for essential travel and to protect the health and safety of customers and employees.

While regular operations will resume on most services, Regional Rail will continue to operate on reduced schedules until further notice.

Bus routes 204, 310, 311, and LUCY Gold and Green Routes will continue to operate on a reduced schedule. Route 91 remains suspended.

The agency said, "Social distancing should continue to be practiced when waiting to board a vehicle and when traveling on a SEPTA route."

The following capacity limits remain in place:

- 40 ft Bus - 20 customers

- Articulated Bus - 30 customers

- Routes 204, 310, 311, LUCY Gold/LUCY Green - maximum 10 customers

- Trolley - 25 customers

- Norristown High Speed Line - 30 customers

Passengers are strongly urged to wear a face mask or face covering when riding.

SEPTA says travel should be limited for essential trips.

Bus/Trolley/Norristown High Speed Line

Rear door boarding remains in effect on buses, trolleys, and NHSL through Sunday, May 17. Front door boarding and fare collection resumes Monday, May 18.

Riders should exit using the center door (except riders with Disabilities & Seniors requiring assistance exiting)

SEPTA say to have your fare ready before boarding.

Travel Wallet funds can be loaded on your Key Card at any tim. Weekly Passes for travel beginning, Monday, May 18 available for purchase on your Key Card beginning Wednesday, May 13, 2020

SEPTA tells customers to "respect the operator" and observe the 6-foot social distancing markers at the front of the bus.

Trolley Route 101 will operate as a bus until May 30. Trolley Route 102 will remain suspended through May 30

The following Center City/West Philadelphia Trolley Line stations remain closed:

- 13th St

- 19th St

- 33rd St

- 36th St

Market Frankford/Broad Street Lines

The Market Frankford Line and Broad Street Owl service resumes.

SEPTA says cashiers are not accepting cash at the booth. Cash can be used at a station fare kiosk to purchase a quick trip or SEPTA key card.

The following Market Frankford Line Stations are open:

Frankford Transportation center

Arrott Transportation Center






Spring Garden

8th St

11th St

15th St

30th St

34th St

40th St

46th St

52nd St

56th St

60th St

69th St Transportation Center

All other stations will be closed

Broad Street Line/Broad Ridge Spur

The following Broad St/Broad Ridge Spur Stations will be open:

Fern Rock Transportation Center - Broad St/Ridge Spur

Olney - Broad St/Ridge Spur

Hunting Park

Erie - Broad St/Ridge Spur


North Philadelphia - Broad St/Ridge Spur

Cecil B. Moore/Temple University


8th St - Broad St/Ridge Spur

Race-Vine/Convention Center

City Hall






All other stations will be closed

Concourse Entrance Closures to Market Frankford/Broad Street Line Stations

Select Concourse stairways and access points to Market Frankford/Broad Street Line Stations including the Dilworth Park stairs, 13th and Market entrances, and Broad Street Line headhouses between South Penn Square and Walnut Street are closed until further notice.

The 15th & Market, North Filbert Street, and Broad & Locust entrances remain open. Please look for signs directing customers to alternate stairways.

CCT will continue same-day service along with advanced reservations for all customer trips. All service, including same-day and advance reservations, will be limited to trips for essential employment, medical/dialysis/pharmacy, and food shopping.

To make a same day trip, you may contact the CCT Control Center at 215-580-7720 or 215-580-7145 then press #2. Fare collection for ADA trips resumes Sunday, May 17, 2020. To comply with social distancing guidelines CCT vehicles can only carry one customer (plus an approved Personal Care Attendant) per vehicle.

"While regular schedules will go into place, SEPTA's workforce continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, and absenteeism remains at higher-than-normal levels. Service adjustments will be made as needed to operate as much service as possible with the personnel available," SEPTA said.

ONLINE: SEPTA Transit Schedule Update


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