Series of unruly outburst, fights raising safety concerns at Academy Park High School

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Friday, December 9, 2022
Student fights continue at Academy Park High School
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Teachers and staff say there have been numerous uproars that turned into outright brawls this week, raising safety concerns and taking away from the learning environment.

SHARON HILL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A series of unruly outbursts and constant fights among high schoolers at Academy Park High School in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania has administrators and police trying to figure out how to bring tempers down.

Teachers and staff say the recent brawls this week are raising safety concerns and taking away from the learning environment.

Action News obtained multiple videos from fights at the school this week that resulted in a lockdown.

One video shows a group of male students participating in a fight while dozens more watched. A staff member tried to intervene as well as a school resource officer.

Last month, 10 students were arrested after a series of fights broke out during a protest against a new dress code policy.

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"I've seen a progressive decline over the years. It's like mob mentality -- one person starts acting out, like they all join in. But it's frustrating that it's almost where you don't get alarmed anymore," an Academy Park High School parent told Action News.

Southeast DelCo School Superintendent Brenda G. Wynder says an investigation is underway.

Wynder also blames issues initiated outside of school grounds for what's happening inside.

The district provided this statement to Action News:

"School and district administration are investigating recent incidents involving several students. At this time, we believe issues initiated in the community were brought into our schools. The district takes these issues very seriously and those involved will receive appropriate consequences up to and including expulsion where warranted. We will not tolerate the actions of a few students interfering with the education of the rest of our students. The Board of Directors are aware of the issues and are working with the administration to create a safe learning environment for our staff and students."

"This is absolutely the worst. I feel like the seniors are not college ready. They will tell you that. I don't know what they are doing to make it better now. I don't know if they are trying to implement something for the future, but something better definitely has to happen, like now," said another parent.

The investigation into what sparked the fights is ongoing. Police say they are reviewing the videos.