A community connection through skateboarding in Trenton

ByTrish Hartman and Niki Hawkins WPVI logo
Monday, August 19, 2019
Skateboarding for social change in Trenton
Skateboarding for social change in Trenton: Trish Hartman reports on Aciton News at Noon, August 18, 2019

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- At Sonny Vereen Playground in Trenton, skateboarders like to "grind" out the weekends.

And thanks to the Friends of Amtico Square and non-profit "Freedom Skate Park", a growing community of skateboarders using the sport to push forward positive change in the city.

"All of our events are completely free for Trenton residents. It's also drawing people in who otherwise wouldn't be in Trenton and they are seeing, wow, there's a great music culture in Trenton, there's this great art culture in Trenton. There are restaurants and like fun things to do in Trenton and it counters the negative narratives around the city", said Freedom Skate Parks' Jake McNichol.

They recently won a ten-thousand dollar grant from the Sheckler Foundation, backed by celebrity pro-skater and three time x-game gold medalist Ryan Sheckler who paid a visit to Trenton this summer. They hope to give out 200 free skateboards this year.

"Because of the Sheckler Foundation's support it's going to allow us to double the impact of our board giveaways," said McNichol

The pop up skate park at the Trenton Wire Works starts on November 2nd and those interested can check @freedomnj on Instagram and @freedomskatepark on Facebook for schedule updates.