Women in Japan boycotting Valentine's Day tradition due to financial strain

They celebrate Valentine's Day a little differently in Japan than we do here in America.

And it's been a pretty sweet deal for Japanese men, but things are apparently changing.

A study shows Japanese women are now rebelling against a decades-old Valentine's Day tradition, which has them give chocolates to men.

Every February 14th, the nation's female workers are expected to give "Giri Choco", obligation chocolates, to their male colleagues and "Honmei Choco" for their crushes or loved one.

But this year, a growing number of women are passing on the tradition because they say it's financially draining.

A recent survey by a Tokyo department store found about 60 percent of women will instead buy chocolates for themselves on Valentine's Day.

Japan began celebrating Valentine's Day in 1958 after a Japanese confectionery firm ran a campaign suggesting women give men chocolates.
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