Mayor Kenney, Commissioner Outlaw tour South Street to discuss safety with business owners

Saturday night's mass shooting has left many South Street business owners feeling on edge.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Mayor Kenney tours South St. to discuss safety with business owners
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The shooting on South Street, which left three dead and 11 injured, is raising questions about safety for patrons and Philadelphia business owners.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For the first time since Saturday's mass shooting on South Street, residents and business owners had the chance to voice their concerns face to face with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

Ishkabbibles, on the 300 block of South Street, now closes three hours early on Friday and Saturday nights.

"Because of the combination of the pandemic, and also a recommendation from the police not to be open too late," said Owner Young Ahn.

Ahn has owned the business for 21 years. He said the violence has steadily escalated, but he's concerned if officers block the street on weekends, he'll miss many third-party app delivery opportunities.

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Saturday night's shooting, which left three people dead is raising questions about safety for patrons and business owners.

So far, two arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

State Representative Amen Brown said it's time to see closures of streets, much like the area saw on Sunday. A state of emergency would last two weeks to stem the violence.

"We always say, 'Enough is enough,' so what does that look like? When are we going to start moving toward a solution?" said Brown.

Kenney said stricter gun laws are the solution, not a declaration of emergency. But, the Philadelphia District Attorney's office said both men seen on video shooting each other on Saturday night were licensed to carry.

"Now, you just have to ask for one (gun permit). We used to have a situation where you had to do intensive background checks on people for concealed carry permits. Now the courts told us we can't do that," said Kenney.

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Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said her department must work proactively, but the answer won't be more officers every few feet along the shopping corridor.

"It's nipping other quality of life issues in the bud before it turns or blossoms into something larger," said Outlaw.

Despite large crowds gathering, extremely loud music, fights, dirt bike and ATV traffic, police made zero quality of life arrests or citations Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m.

On Tuesday evening, police said they are looking for a third suspect wanted in connection with the mass shooting.

Police released an image of the wanted male, saying he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS. A reward of up to $30,000 is being offered, police said.