A Philly home will be a house divided when Eagles face Chiefs in the Super Bowl

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Saturday, February 4, 2023
A Philly home will be a house divided on Super Bowl Sunday
One Philadelphia couple says they are the definition of a house divided.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Nearly the entire tri-state region bleeds green, but there are a few detractors.

Some of them live under the same roof as Eagles fans.

Megan Geenens, born and raised in the Kansas City area, will be rooting for the Chiefs. Her fiance, Justin Zeh, will be cheering for his Birds.

"It's been really easy to work, because the Chiefs and Eagles don't play each other that often," said Megan.

They've always rooted for each other's teams, even dressing as the Kelce brothers for Halloween.

That ended after the NFC and AFC Championship games.

Today the Philadelphia couple says they are the definition of a house divided.

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There will be a gathering, right in the heart of Eagles country, where folks will be cheering for the Chiefs.

"It certainly makes the Super Bowl more interesting. There's a lot of Philly - Chiefs crossovers. We got Andy Reid, Kelce brothers, it kind of adds to that," Justin said.

The couple says it's a fun time for friendly banter about who's going to win.

"What's the rat, I mean wolf, called? KC Wolf?" said Justin. "It's clear that Swoop's an Eagle."

Megan responded," "He's a wolf. Everyone calls him a rat!"

Justin says he doesn't have to trash talk too much: his fiancé's job has that covered.

"I work at a school and I put my Chiefs flag up in my office right away. That got stolen in less than 24 hours," said Megan. "They photoshopped my face onto Swoop. Put that all over the school. I'm like on my own little island in a sea of Eagles."

Wearing an Eagles jersey with a Chiefs sticker, their dog May is still trying to figure out where her loyalty stands.

"I would say she's both. But she's been a Chiefs fan longer. She lived in Kansas City with me," said Megan.

It's a special year for the two, not only celebrating a Super Bowl trip for each of their teams, but also a wedding in the fall.

They say they are already working on friendly wagers for when the families unite.