12-year-old "Birthday Lawn Bandit" surprises kids in quarantine

YARDLEY, Pa. -- "It's all about making a difference in the world that we live in today," said Nicky Christopher.

The 12-year-old goes by "Birthday Lawn Bandit," though he can be found stealthily giving instead of stealing.

It was an idea that came from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nicky's mother, Sara Christopher, worked as a restaurant manager recruiter before the virus furloughed her clients.

Due to the circumstances, she found some extra time to spend with her children.

One day, she and Nicky decorated a friend's front lawn for their birthday. They never expected it to grow so much.

Since then, the Birthday Lawn Bandit has raided 100 houses.

It's an effort supported by the community. Local businesses and families donate decorations and other goods to the family. Starting at just $10, neighbors in Yardley or Morrisville, Pennsylvania, can have their front lawns dressed in a birthday extravaganza.

Whenever possible, these bandits return the favor. Recently, Nicky donated his tips to children displaced from their homes.

Sara was surprised by her son's ambition and sudden cascade of talents that sprung from this little business.

"First grade, he had been diagnosed on the spectrum. Now, he has some inner talent that we wouldn't have seen otherwise," she said.

Even before the pandemic, Nicky became interested in the arts and starred in his elementary school play.

"Early intervention was the key," Sara said.

For more information about the Birthday Lawn Bandit, visit their Facebook page.

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