Food trucks feed the front line at Cooper Hospital during COVID-19 pandemic

Saturday, April 4, 2020
Food trucks feed the front line at Cooper during COVID-19 pandemic
"Their faces, even behind the mask, you can see they're so thankful." Community Journalist Matteo shows us how food trucks are fueling Cooper University Hospital.

CAMDEN, N.J. -- It's in the name - food trucks are traveling businesses. They rely on events, festivals, and large public gatherings to feed the community. But when the spread of COVID-19 has dispersed nearly all strangers and families alike, food trucks are left to serve empty parking lots.

That's why three local food trucks roared their engines at the opportunity to find a way to change lanes during these uncertain times.

They peeled off the main road and parked at Cooper Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.

Mary's Mobile Diner, Red's Rolling Restaurant, and Not Your Mama's Tacos are no strangers to feeding healthcare workers. But now, that's their main clientele.

Especially during the weekends and night shifts, it can be near impossible for healthcare workers to feed their whole team. Thanks to these food trucks, it's as easy as stepping into the parking lot.

Amanda Morrison, an EMT tech, has been instrumental in making a space for the food trucks to help. Additionally, Joan Davis, a nurse, spent her day off spreading posters throughout the building to spread word to the staff.

Thanks to community donations, the food trucks are able to raffle off some meals for free. They hope that the continuing influx of donations to their Venmo, @FTFL-Cooper, can provide even more free meals as the weeks go by. For every $15 raised, they can donate a full meal to a healthcare worker or first responder.

NFL linebacker Haason Reddick, a Camden native, joined other local businesses in donating to #FeedtheFrontLine as well.

They are relying on these donations to continue feeding the front line for what they hope to be the entirety of the Coronavirus pandemic. To learn how you can help, visit their Facebook pages.

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