Missing 7-year-old boy found dead in family's washing machine in Texas

ByCharly Edsitty WPVI logo
Thursday, July 28, 2022
7-year-old boy reported missing found dead in washing machine: HCSO
Troy Khoeler was found dead in his home's washing machine just hours after his foster parents missing persons report was filed, authorities said.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- A 7-year-old boy who was reported missing Thursday morning in Texas was found dead in a washing machine, according to an update from the Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Unit.

The parents of Troy Khoeler made a missing persons report around 5:20 a.m., according to authorities.

Homicide unit officers arrived to the home in Spring and interviewed the parents. They also began a thorough search of the home, Lt. Robert Minchew said.

Around 7:20 a.m., officials found the boy fully clothed in the top-load washing machine, located in the garage.

Troy is a foster child who had possibly been adopted by the family in 2019, but officials are still working to confirm that.

No arrests have been made, but at this point, authorities said it was unclear if this was a tragic accident or if something may have happened to the child and he was then placed in the machine.

The parents were detained and taken to the sheriff's office for further interviewing.

No other children live with the family.

A criminal investigation is underway.