Ursinus College investigating reports of man entering unlocked dorm rooms

COLLEGEVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Ursinus College in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania says it's "aggressively investigating" two incidents involving an intruder reportedly entering the unlocked dorm rooms of female students.

The first incident happened at a suite in Reimert Hall at the college. At first, Faith Kurywczak says she thought she was dreaming, but the sound of a man trying to break into her dorm room woke her early Sunday morning.

"I was asleep and it was two in the morning and all of a sudden someone was forcefully trying to open my door," said Kurywczak.

Kurywczak's door was locked, but the suspect was able to gain entry from an unlocked door to the suite.

"They just like opened my door, and I said, 'What?' And they turned around and ran out," said Madison Harvey who confronted the suspect before he fled.

Campus police described the suspect as an unknown white male, approximately 30 years old, with a slim to medium build and about 5'10" in height.

The university sent out a second alert about a similar incident around 4:46 a.m. Monday morning when a man reportedly entered a female student's unlocked room at New Hall dorm.

The alert states that the female student remained quiet for five minutes before the man left the room.

Campus police described this suspect as a college-aged white man wearing cargo shorts with hair that covered his face.

It's not clear if the same person is behind the incidents, but in both, nothing was stolen, no students were harmed and the doors were unlocked.

"As always, Ursinus's priority is the wellbeing of every student and the safety of our residential campus community. We are aware of the incidents," the college said in a statement to Action News. "Though no one was physically harmed, we are aggressively investigating the matters, have increased security patrols and are in regular communication with our students, asking they remain diligent and report any suspicious activity. "

Anyone with any information is asked to call Campus Safety at 610-409-3333.
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