Caught on video: Coyote spotted roaming in Philadelphia's Logan section

Officials say you should only report sightings if you spot a coyote acting erratically or strangely.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Video captures coyote roaming in Philadelphia's Logan section
Coyote spotted roaming in Philadelphia's Logan section | Caught on video

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- You can see a lot of things on the streets of Philadelphia, but something you don't often spot is wild animals.

That changed this week with a coyote sighting in the city's Logan section, and it was all captured on camera.

"I saw something, didn't know if it was a fox, or what. I was like, 'It's a huge fox, if it is a fox,'" recalled Tamaira Tokley.

Tokley spotted the coyote around 9 p.m. Tuesday night at Wakefield Park. She captured the coyote staring back at her before scurrying away.

IMAGE: Tamaira Tokley captured a coyote in Wakefield Park in Philadelphia's Logan section.

"We see foxes and deer all the time, but never a coyote," said Tokley.

It seems that coyotes are making themselves more visible and more at home across many parts of the Delaware Valley.

Just this week, Marple Township Police posted a photo of a coyote they captured and relocated after it snatched up a terrier dog in broad daylight.

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Authorities in Delaware County say they caught one coyote, and believe another is still out there.

It's a situation Mae Axelrod, the director of communications for the Schuylkill Center Wildlife Clinic, says is pretty rare.

"Coyotes are in every county in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia County. As development pressures increase on their habitat, we're starting to see them more and more," said Axelrod.

Axelrod says coyotes are pretty elusive, and if they are seen, it's generally at night. But you still should take steps to keep them away.

"If you want to make sure to keep coyotes away, secure your pet food, do not leave it out at all times, definitely bring your pets in at night, secure your garbage," said Axelrod. "If you see a coyote, the best thing is to just leave it alone."

In Logan, people like Vincent Ellison are keeping their eyes open for their new neighbor and their animals close by their side.

"When I walked in here, I could see something resembling a German Shepard poking its head out of the bushes," said Ellison. "I did not expect that."

Officials say you should only report sightings if you spot a coyote acting erratically or strangely.