Winning $516M Mega Millions ticket sold at 7-Eleven in Bucks County

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Monday, May 24, 2021
Winning $516M Mega Millions ticket sold in Bucks Co. 7-Eleven
Check your tickets! It is now known where in Pennsylvania that winning $516 million Mega Millions ticket was sold.

LEVITTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Most of us are used to the "lottery letdown" after every drawing.

For one lucky winner, the decision to head inside a 7-Eleven in Levittown may have been a once in a Mega Millions opportunity of a lifetime.

Why? Well, after Friday's drawing someone won.

They didn't just match one, two, or three, numbers, no, they got all five numbers and the Mega Ball, resulting in a $516 million win.

"I'm just wondering who it is. Maybe you could help me out," said Vinnie Santomarco of Levittown.

It was the word around town on Monday.

Very few people will win the lottery, but there are plenty of Pennsylvania residents who benefit from every drawing.

The store off Trenton Road also saw a handful of hopefuls wishing their next lotto purchase would prove as lucky.

"It's the winning ticket," said Donna Trotter with her new ticket in hand.

Others now more convinced to take a chance, if it could mean winning half a billion dollars.

"Hopefully, it's a friend - or a family member would be nice," said Ashley McGarrity.

Good fortune also awaits the store. For selling the winning ticket, they'll get $100,000.

"Yes, very exciting, yes," said store owner Prasahat Shah.

So, what of the winner? Lottery officials have said they have a year to come forward.

When and if they do, they'll have the option to receive an annuity payment. That's 30 payments over the next 29 years or a cash lump sum of $349 million, minus state taxes.

"This is the largest jackpot winner we've ever had here in Pennsylvania, so it's very exciting," said lottery spokesperson Ewa Swope.

Leaving the rest to wonder: what if it was one of us?

"The world's not ready for me to win $500 million, I'll keep that silent," Santomarco said.

If you're bummed about not winning, get this: the sales from this latest run of Mega Millions generated more than $16 million to help benefit older Pennsylvanians.

The next drawing is Tuesday with $20 million up for grabs.

The final jackpot value was updated based on actual sales. It's the ninth largest Mega Millions jackpot awarded since the game began in 2002.