Local cops join Obama's train ride - Philadelphia News

January 14, 2009 4:18:04 PM PST
The President-Elect's train ride to Washington begins in Philadelphia and some local law enforcers will be among the legions of officers providing security.Zora is one of Septa's bomb-sniffing K-9s doing her normal job in the Market East station today. Next week, she'll be doing the same service in a Washington metro station.

With more than 1 and a half million visitors expected to ride the metro over the 4-day holiday weekend ending up on inauguration day, two of Septa's canines and their handlers are being sent to D.C. to help sniff out potential trouble.

A delegation of 13 Septa officers will go down this weekend to be deputized as federal marshals. Over 200 transit cops from across the nation will be deployed to help the local police, all from Septa volunteered.

"Something I'll be able to tell my children, my grandchildren," Captain Van Dyke Rowell of the Septa Police said.

When the inaugural parade kicks off Tuesday and goes down Pennsylvania Avenue, nearly 300 Philadelphia cop will be there, also deputized to work under the federal umbrella.

Police commissioner Charles Ramsey commanded the D.C. Police during two inaugurations, one before 9/11 and one after.

Security at 30th Street Station Saturday will be his primary focus as the President-Elect's historic train ride from Philadelphia to Washington begins with an invitation-only rally.

"My understanding as of now is that the activities will be confined to 30th Street Station," Commissioner Ramsey said.

The Secret Service is set to brief the media and the public tomorrow about plans and logistics for Saturday's kickoff of Obama's whistle stop tour; from here and on down the line; the level of security will be unprecedented.

Saturday morning the coast guard will establish security zones on the waterways that run adjacent to the southbound Amtrak rail lines.

At various points along the 137-mile route through 40 jurisdictions, including a stop in Wilmington to pick up the Bidens, all shipping traffic and recreational boating will be shut down as Barack Obama and Joe Biden take their historic journey to Washington