More room found at sold-out Bordentown Regional H.S. prom

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May 7, 2014 9:49:31 AM PDT
There should be room enough for everyone at a New Jersey high school's prom after all.

Bordentown Regional High School's interim superintendent Joseph Miller announced Wednesday that Adventure Aquarium has made space available for 50 additional students at next month's party after an initial sellout created a ruckus at the school.

Last year when the then-upcoming junior and senior classes at Bordentown Regional High School voted to hold their prom at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, it seemed like a great idea.

After all, the aquarium has been a popular high school prom venue for years.

The problem is that while the room they rented can accommodate 300 people, there are approximately 350 students in Bordentown High's junior and senior classes.

School administrators say that dilemma was communicated to the students before last year's vote.

"The students said, 'That's fine. We still want it. If some people don't get tickets, so be it. We still want Adventure Aquarium,'" Miller explained.

Fast forward to last week and Miller says he knew he had a problem brewing when it was announced Friday afternoon that the prom bids were selling like hotcakes.

"A line formed Monday morning and about halfway through the line we ran out of tickets," Miller said.

That resulted in a whole lot of unhappy high schoolers including Gideon Iyeni, whose girlfriend already bought a prom dress.

"I honestly didn't know it was that limited, it was really limited. Then again I should have bought my tickets earlier," Iyeni said.

Those concerns were alleviated with the announcement about additional space being made at the aquarium.

However, there is one catch for those who get the additional tickets. They will have to pay a $5 fee on top of the $100 ticket so the district can rent another bus to transport them.


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