Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Nemi, authentic Mexican Restaurant + Bar

PHILADELPHIA-Cinco de Mayo started as a celebration of a Mexican victory in the Franco-Mexican War, but it has become a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly here in the United States.

At Nemi Mexican Restaurant and Bar in Port Richmond, Chef-owner Jesus Garcia says there is one rule for every dish, "it should have a sweet, spicy and salty."

His salmon ceviche is among the most popular items on the menu.

He bathes the fish in lime then adds cilantro, onions, chiles avocado and his mango passion fruit sauce, based on a a spicy mango lollipop he used to enjoy back home in Toluca, Mexico.

He and his business partner, Alejandro Fuentes keep the authentic flavors of their native Mexican in both the food and drinks, like the mango habanero margarita.

The past year has been a struggle but they say business has started to pick up with the weather turning warm again and more and more people getting vaccinated.

"They come to celebrate," Fuentes says.

And if you want a celebratory feast, try the duck confit. It's half a duck rested in its own fat and juices for 6 to 7 days. You can enjoy it straight off the plate or turn it into a taco with fresh house-made tortillas and salsa.

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2636 Ann St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

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