Companies and workers in the United Kingdom are seeing benefits in 4-day work week trial

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Monday, August 22, 2022
U.K. companies, workers see benefits in 4-day work week trial
Thousands of workers in Britain are testing out a four-day work week and companies are seeing the benefits.

UNITED KINGDOM -- Thousands of workers in Britain are testing out a four-day work week.

The participating workers won't lose pay while their company tests out productivity with a three-day weekend.

There are 70 companies across the U.K. that are now more than two months into the experiment.

At the Unity Public Relations firm in London, half the team gets Mondays off, while the other half takes Fridays off.

"Recruitment was really difficult, and now we're absolutely inundated," Unity Managing Director Samantha Losey said. "We get more offers every week with people coming to us than we could ever possibly use."

Workers and the company are seeing the benefits after they took a little time to adjust to the new workflow.

"I'm really, really enjoying it I think my mental health is so much better," one employee said.

Losey said recruitment has gone up, but there are still some adjustments being made to the workflow.

She's worked most weekends since the change but says it's still too early to tell if staff can produce the needed work in less time.

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