Top 6: Jessica Boyington's favorite restaurant dishes of 2022

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Friday, December 30, 2022
Jessica Boyington's top restaurant dishes of 2022
On my quest to find the best of the best throughout 2022, Jessica Boyington has made a personal list of a few of her favorites.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The last year has been a wild ride!

On my quest to find the best of the best, I've made a personal list of a few standouts. Here are my favorite dishes from 2022! (In no particular order.)

Parked outside of the Wissahickon Brewing Company, I found the Babalouie BBQ Food Truck, and quickly inhaled a platter of mac n cheese, brisket, and jalapeno poppers, but was stopped dead in my tracks over the St Louis Ribs.

They're dry-rubbed in spices and smoked for three hours a day on a hickory, cherry, maple, and oak hardwood BBQ...and I ate them all in 3 minutes!

Grab your hiking shoes, we're going to Forbidden Drive, and stopping at Valley Green Inn for a buttermilk fried Hot Chicken Sandwich with chipotle aioli. It's crispy, spicy, salty, gooey, filled with pickles...and the perfect indulgence after a trail run.

In the back of Human Robot Brewery is Poe's Sandwich Joint, the self-proclaimed spot for "fulfilling cravings and high-class munchies."

The Hamilton is the standout here. It's a seeded roll, stuffed with a thinly pounded chicken cutlet, crispy bacon bits, Cooper Sharp, homemade ranch, scallions, and a pile of French fries right on top.

Joe Baldino's BYOB Zeppoli is THE PASTA SPOT in Collingswood, NJ, and since I consider myself THE PASTA GIRL, I feel right at home here!

This place makes an art out of classic Sicilian dishes that seem simple, but with the first bite, you know you're onto something different. The handmade Tagliatelle Limone with prosciutto and freshly grated parmesan is something to sharpen your slurp skills for.

Bleu Sushi is a sleek and modern BYOB in Center City with the highest quality sushi around, and that includes the Temple Roll. It's sticky rice, spicy yellowtail, tempura flakes, and crispy garlic wrapped in black pepper tuna that's blowtorched and drizzled with Japanese sauce.

Tequilas Restaurant and Bar is one of my favorite places for authentic Mexican cuisine for 100 different reasons, and the Surf and Turf is one of them. It's a juicy eight-ounce ribeye and buttery langostino, over a dollop of creamy chorizo sauce, served with a side of bean puree and rice.

Cheers to you, 2022! As for 2023? Bring it on, I'll be ready for you.