Alma del Mar opens in Italian market after makeover on Netflix's Queer Eye

At a time when restaurants are struggling to get back on their feet with COVID-19 shutdowns, Alma del Mar, in the Italian market, is just opening up -- after a Fab Five makeover no less!

Owner Marcos Tlacopilco had a fish shop for years in the same area, but it was always his dream to have his own restaurant.

When the producers of the show "Queer Eye" heard about him, they sent the Fab Five to help Tlacopilco get his Mexican fusion brunch spot ready to go (Season 5 filmed in Philadelphia last summer). Now, it's open for business daily with outdoor seating and takeout.

Tlacopilco came to Philly from Puebla, Mexico. He and his wife, Alma - who he named the place after - started their family here, and all four of their kids help out as well.

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1007 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia. PA 19147
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