NJ antique shop reopens six years after devastating fire

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Sunday, March 27, 2022
NJ antique shop reopens six years after devastating fire
75 years in business comes with its ups and downs. But none more devastating than the fire that tore through Ternay's Shop in the Woods.

WILLIAMSTOWN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It was the late 1940s when Kathryn "Kass" Ternay and her husband founded an antique shop in southern New Jersey.

"When I married my husband, he was into antiques and he would go out and canvass," said Kass. "So, that's how we started before we even had a shop."

The family moved from Delsea Drive to Route 322 in 1969, marking the permanent home of Ternay's Shop in the Woods.

Decades passed as three generations of Ternays grew with the business. Each found their own interests and methods of contributing to the unique business. But their lives would collectively change in October 2015.

"Six years ago, we were doing some custom work for a customer," said Jim "Butch" Ternay, Kass' son. "And during the night, the chemicals together started smoldering."

A fireproof container wasn't enough to stop the concoction from sparking a flame.

"When the fire flashed through, there was no shop," said Butch. "Everything was gone."

After taking stock of the damage, the Ternays agreed upon rebuilding their livelihoods. This was especially true for Kass' granddaughter, Sarah, who felt a responsibility to continue her family's legacy.

"It was overwhelming at first, but there was never a question on whether we were going to stop," said Sarah. "There were so many hurdles and we never thought we would get to this point, which makes this day so much more special."

Today, Ternay's Shop in the Woods held a grand re-opening of their antique shop featuring a colorful pallet of vendors sprinkled across the front lawn. The sight was a dream come true for 93-year-old Kass, who has no plans to retire.

"So many people turned out and I'm looking forward to a better future," she said. "More people interested in this and more people coming in."

To learn more about Ternay's Shop in the Woods Antiques, visit their website.

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