Thanksgiving gun battle kills innocent victim during dinner in Montco; suspects at large: DA

Police are looking for Kevon Clarke and two other men in connection with the killing.

Saturday, November 27, 2021
Man killed by stray bullet while eating Thanksgiving dinner: DA
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A bullet went through a window of a home and struck a man inside. A family member and several neighbors told Action News that man did not survive his injuries.

NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A man in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania was killed by a stray bullet while he was eating Thanksgiving dinner inside a home, according to District Attorney Kevin Steele.

It happened Thursday at about 9:30 p.m. on the 1100 block of Arch Street.

According to investigators, the incident started over stolen alcohol at a family party not involving the victim.

Kevon Clarke, 19, his girlfriend, Jacqueline Brown, and four other individuals were attending a party on the 100 block of Haws Avenue earlier in the day and were asked to leave.

Brown's cousin accused the group of stealing alcohol during their departure from the home.

Kevon Clarke

Arrangements were made later that evening to return the alcohol, but that's when the gunfire rang out.

As the cousin went to Clarke's home, she immediately drove away when he allegedly walked outside brandishing a weapon.

Around the same time, authorities say two other men were walking up the street and a shootout ensued between Clarke and the men.

Authorities say one of the bullets entered a nearby window on Arch Street -- which is located less than a block away -- and killed 25-year-old Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma while he was eating dinner.

Authorities believe a bullet from Clarke's gun killed the victim.

"Mr. Palaez Moctezuma was murdered while eating Thanksgiving dinner inside his home, and to be clear, he and his family were not involved in the dispute between Clarke and others," said DA Steele.

Neighbors said they heard at least a dozen shots outside, and that cars were struck by bullets.

"I was sitting in my home enjoying my TV and Thanksgiving night and I heard what I thought at first was fireworks, and lo and behold it was five shots. After that I heard another eight shots," a neighbor said.

Clarke is currently being sought on murder charges. He is being considered armed and dangerous.

Authorities are also searching for the other shooters. It's still unclear why they were on the block at the same time as Brown's cousin.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Norristown Police Department at 610-270-0977.