Santa trades sleigh for C-130 to make smiles

December 20, 2007 4:56:07 PM PST
Santa was sighted in a C-130 military plane on Thursday, as he visited some very special people. Santa was in the cockpit of a C-130 at the Delaware Air National Guard, after making a very important sight survey of the Delaware Valley.

"I did my track last night. I know exactly where to go when Christmas comes along. We've got all the rooftops. I checked them all out last night. We're waiting for Christmas eve," Santa said.

Santa visited many airmen, including generals, but he couldn't wait to say hello to the children, his biggest fans. After Santa got the all clear to fly, he spent some time with some very special children whose parents have been deployed.

He delivered them presents; each one just right.

"Santa must know I'm a good drawer," one child said upon receiving his present. The best gift didn't arrive gift wrapped, however. For these kids and their parents, it was in the best gift was in the form of a long distance phone call their deployed love one. "I couldn't stop crying because I don't get to talk to him that often," Katrina Andrews of Newark said. The calls surely topped conversations with Santa. 4-year-old Asaiahya Green had one messege for her brother, "Merry Christmas, Rahim." One little girl summed up her feelings when hearing her dad's voice as tears fell, "I miss you."