Soldier finally home for the holidays

December 21, 2007 8:35:47 PM PST
For most soldiers serving in Iraq, the notion of being home for the holidays is a pipe dream. For Kevin Bradley of Stratford, New Jersey it is much more than that. The fire horns blared while residents lined Warwick Road and waved their red white and blue. They welcomed home one of their own, Army Capt. Kevin Bradley.

"It's amazing we lucked out and got to be home for Christmas. So, I'm really excited to be with my family for Christmas. It's nice to be back," said Capt. Bradley.

The Sterling High School and West Point graduate has spent the past couple of holidays in Iraq patrolling the region Northeast of Baghdad. One of his missions there was giving school supplies to children. This year he'll give his parents a gift... the gift of being home.

There were many hugs to go around, and a person who certainly deserved one is Arden Muller. The Stratford firefighter organized the celebration. Muller tells Action News, "We decided to create an "Operation Welcome Home" to welcome home all the soldiers in Stratford that are coming home to let them know we appreciate what they've done for us."

After two tours in Iraq, Captain Bradley is unsure if he'll continue his military career. He'll decide in the next few weeks. For now it appears, Georgetown or Princeton University are in his future.

Bradley says, "I think my next assignment will take me to grad school for a year, and then rotating back to a unit."

With that resume we may one day be calling him Senator Bradley.