Enhancing your gift cards

December 26, 2007 9:31:20 PM PST
If you received gift cards this year before you spend them you might want to take advantage of some websites that allow you to keep track of them, swap them and even earn interest on them.

According to Consumer Reports, consumers lose about $8-billion in unredeemed gift cards a year.

If you don't want to forget about your gift cards check out leveragecard.com. There you can register your gift cards, track their balances and swap cards of equal value. The website will even notify you when your gift card balances change. If you lose or misplace a card, the website will retrieve your card number.

You can even earn interest on the website. When you register your card, you'll earn 1-percent interest. If you actually buy a card from the website, you'll earn 3.65-percent interest. About 100 retailers, including Barnes and Noble and Kohls have signed on with the company.

Swapagift.com lets you buy or sell gift cards at a discount. You can also swap your cards, or better yet use your gift cards to pay bills or mail them in for cash!