Performers prepare for Mummers Parade

December 31, 2007 8:06:56 AM PST
Feathers and sequins are getting plumped up tonight. Musicians are practicing their notes and marchers are rehearsing those tricky combinations again. It's time for the annual Mummer's parade Tuesday up Broad Street. There isn't a whole lot of time to pay attention to the knots and nerves that the performers may get in anticipation of the big day. Hundreds of Mummers are using their Saturday night run-through as a way of nailing down all that fancy footwork for Tuesday.

The Mummers are confident they'll be ready for New Years Day. On Saturday, the public got a sneak preview of the choreographed dance moves and high-energy music.

As Philadelphia knows, the Mummers are about much more than entertainment. "I think if you would go down to South Philadelphia you'd see just how important it is just for that neighborhood," said State Representative Bill Keller. "I believe it is one of the factors, one of the main factors, that have kept our neighborhood together and vibrant all these years."

Saturday night will be dedicated to putting the finishing touches on all the props and costumes as we finish off 2007, and the Mummers get ready to welcome in 2008.