Campaigns in high gear in New Hampshire

January 6, 2008 8:26:04 PM PST
On Tuesday the voters in New Hampshire will have their say about the presidential candidates. On Sunday Barack Obama continued to barnstorm the granite state, addressing half a dozen rallies in urban sections of New Hampshire. The latest polling shows Obama ten points ahead of Hillary Clinton with John Edwards trailing even further.

Obama continues to draw large, enthusiastic crowds. So does Clinton, as she continues to claim Obama is too wet behind the ears to lead the country in dangerous times.

If Obama wins Tuesday, Hillary will be on the ropes, but not down for the count.

Prof. Matthew Kerbel from Villanova University tells Action News, "She has the resources to go forward. She does have a base national to go forward. So, you absolutely cannot count Hillary Clinton out of this."

Mitt Romney has plenty of resources to go forward as well. His own personal fortune fuels his campaign. But if the former Massachusetts governor loses to John McCain in this neighboring state, even his big money may not be able to keep his show from closing. The latest polls show McCain with a lead.

"John McCain is alive by default. He's alive because no one has been able to really catch fire," says Kerbel.

Mike Huckabee doesn't expect to score big here but he's enjoying the media spotlight, hoping to sew seeds in more fertile southern states where primaries take place early next month. That's where Fred Thompson hopes to jump-start his still low-key campaign. Rudy Giuliani stops in occasionally but his firewall is down the road.

Oh, yes... democrat Bill Richardson is soldering on after a final four finish in Iowa, but Tuesday he may hear the final buzzer.

On Monday Action News will be out on the campaign trail watching these would-be presidents and talking to New Hampshire's fiercely independent voters.