Goode shooting not on camera

January 15, 2008 6:51:50 PM PST
The fatal shooting by police of a young relative of former Mayor W. Wilson Goode was too far from a police surveillance camera to be captured on video, police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said.

The camera did catch a drug transaction allegedly conducted by Timothy Goode Jr., 24, and Stephan Siler, 27, on a North Philadelphia street corner shortly before the Friday night shooting, Ramsey said.

"We're going to preserve the whole thing, just to make sure that no one later thinks that it has something on it that it doesn't. But my understanding is that it didn't capture" the shooting, Ramsey said.

Siler and the unidentified buyer were arrested without incident by two undercover officers and charged with drug violations, the commissioner said.

Ramsey said Goode was armed with a gun that was not registered to him, and drugs were found in his clothing by hospital workers after the shooting. The commissioner said Goode also dropped 45 vials of crack cocaine as he ran from police.

"When (the officer) caught up to him, (Goode) turned," Ramsey said. "When (the officer) saw the gun, he let him go, and I guess he took off again and shots were fired."

The undercover officer fired twice at Goode, who collapsed on the sidewalk in front of an abandoned house, police said.

An autopsy revealed two bullet wounds in his back, said Jeff Moran, spokesman for the medical examiner's office. Moran said the bullets penetrated several organs and lodged in Goode's chest.

"Anything can happen with a body that is moving and the angle of the bullets," Moran said.

Police internal affairs investigators are looking at the fatal shootings by police of Goode and of Trevor Cephas, 21, in separate incidents over the weekend.

After the internal investigation is finished, the cases will be turned over to the district attorney's office to determine if criminal charges will be filed against police, said Cathie Abookire, spokeswoman for the district attorney's office.

It could take weeks or months before a determination is made, she said.

W. Wilson Goode, Philadelphia's mayor from 1984 to 1992, called the loss tragic and said he was "content to wait until there is an objective review of all the facts."

"The fact that he's a great-nephew is hurtful because he's someone I watched grow up and knew very, very well as an outstanding student in high school," Goode told the Philadelphia Daily News. "He was just a very fine young man with good manners, respect for me and other family members."