Presidential paintball and more

January 30, 2008 9:00:37 PM PST
As we've seen on the campaign trail, things are getting a little contentious between the candidates. We found a website that takes the competition to a much more colorful level.

Forget the verbal sparring between McCain and Romney. Nevermind the strategic attacks Obama and Clinton have exchanged. This is presidential paintball. The best part of The competition crosses party lines, so you decide which candidates should battle it out for the White House. The website touts more than 17 million votes. As of now, Hillary's ahead.

Steamin' Video

It's a steamin' streamin' webcam. Don't worry about booking that expensive flight to Yellowstone National Park. Log on to and you get a live look at the Old Faithful Geyser as well as other geysers in the area. The real time Webcam is updated every 20 seconds.


This is a website that has really helped out a few friends of mine. I was first introduced to when a friend of mine had a premature baby.

With the limited time she had visiting the baby at the hospital it really became difficult for her to answer all the emails and the phone calls inquiring about how the baby was doing.

This free website allows people to send out blogs and keep friends informed on a loved one's condition. Friends and family can then post messages of support and even send virtual gifts.

Connection Engine

The Internet is a vast, sometimes intimidating space. Building off of that premise, now offers a feature called It allows users to sweep through a virtual universe in search of a given topic. It's more a connection engine than a search engine. Simply type in a word or keywords and the website will give you a constellation of results.

The website also allows you to pick the media form you would like to see such as pictures, articles or videos.