Mrs. Fixit: Utility Shelving

February 7, 2008 6:32:50 AM PST
Building utility shelving for your garage is a relatively inexpensive project. It's also a project that you can customize for your garage and the items that you need to store.

The only lumber you need for this project are some two by fours and some plywood. All of the measurements will be specific to your project so this is just a guide.

Essentially all I'm going to frame out boxes with two by fours and then top them with plywood.

Lay your two by fours onto a flat surface so that they make a rectangle. Then nail or screw all fours corners so they're secure.

Next, lay your plywood on the top of your frames and secure it all the way around the perimeter. Then repeat the steps for as many shelves as you need.

Now for some stability. Cut two by fours to fit as cross pieces to make your box stronger. Space those pieces evenly across the box and secure.

Once the shelves are finished, it's time to attach the legs. Set the two by fours upright and then secure them in place. Put the shelf on its side and attach a cross bar between the back legs. This is extremely important for added stability. Repeat the process to add legs to each shelf.

Grab a buddy to help you flip them onto the shelf below. And cut supports to fit between the legs on both sides and the back.

This will keep the legs stable and make it easier to attach the shelves to each other. Make sure you attach each shelf to the wall studs securely.

Easy shelving to fit your Exact storage needs, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!