Clinton, Obama tie in Upstate New York town

February 7, 2008 8:05:41 AM PST
Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a better chance of winning the lottery than doing what they did on Super Tuesday.According to the Board of Elections, the Democratic candidates tied each other in the upstate New York city of Syracuse.

Obama: 6,001 votes

Clinton: 6,001 votes

A Syracuse University mathematics professor says the odds of that happening are less than one in a million. In fact, Professor Hyune-Ju Kim says "It's almost impossible."

The tie will be short lived, however. Election officials will be adding in absentee votes and affidavit ballots (which are used when a person's voting eligibility is not known at a polling place).

Clinton won the primary in the state that she represents in the Senate, beating Obama 57% to 40%.

Democratic voters in Syracuse also cast 114 votes for John Edwards, 113 for Dennis Kucinich, 90 for Bill Richardson, and 27 for Joe Biden.