Wild boars testing israeli defense

February 8, 2008 10:52:44 AM PST
Israel's military is using electric shocks to keep wild boars from setting off false alarms at its supersensitive electronic fence along the border with Lebanon, according to an army publication.

The animals, common in northern Israel and southern Lebanon, often bump into the fence, setting off alarms of a possible infiltration by Lebanese guerrillas and dispatching soldiers to check for a breach, the soldiers' weekly Bamahaneh reported in its current issue.

So soldiers strung barbed wire hooked up to a power generator along the fence. Animals touching the charged wire get a small electric shock - harmless but irritating.

"We believe that after wild boars, or any other animals running around here, get an electric shock once, they won't come back," Lt. Col. Ofer Azrad, an officer in the border area, told the magazine.

Most details about the border fence are kept secret.