Local authors: Steps to a better career

February 8, 2008 11:37:39 AM PST
Monica Malpass chats with Renee Amoore and Damian Pitts about building a successful career on the Coffee Shop.Synopses of 2 books: THE ELEVATOR OF ACHIEVEMENT by Renee Amoore

This week, King of Prussia businesswoman Renee Amoore is releasing a different kind of how-to book for women with budding careers.

The book uses the analogy of an elevator ride to take women from the "lobby" or entry-level phase to the 9th floor, or upper management/ownership stage.

Amoore is a living example of the philosophy, successfully running her medical consulting firm called the Amoore Group, while also serving as a leader for the Republican Party.

Amoore challenges readers to take an elevator ride past their own preconceived ideas including prejudice, oppression, equality, and to make choices every day to ensure eventual success and leadership.

She adds a chapter with 6 different leadership styles to help you recognize what employers look for and what style you'll someday pick for yourself as a boss.

She also employs many of the tactics taught to military leaders to help them focus on the goal, find a strategy and keep working on success despite temporary failures.

Finally, Amoore's book shows women typical mistakes that keep them entrapped in the same deadend jobs and pay scales.

She offers options for breaking out of those cyclical behavior patterns.

BUILDING GREAT TEAMS: Charting the Path of Organizational Poiltics by Damian "Skipper" Pitts

How do you build team spirit and support for upcoming corporate projects?

How can you get a comprehensive view of your office and the in-house politics that hold you back or propel you forward throughout your career?

Pitts' new book is one resource for dissecting the maze of jobs, opportunities and disappointments that are inherent in any career.

Pitts uses his experience in the Marines as a type of case study for helping people create the discipline, desire and singlemindedness they'll need to become tomorrow's corporate and entrepreneurial leaders.

He explains how to have a 360-degree view of your career; how to use positive self-talk to boost yourself during the tough times; and what leadership is not. Pitts further describes the six political signs of leadership and how to put them to work for you.

Pitts is also the author of several other successful books, including THE ART OF DETACHMENT.