Hotel assault leads to chase, arrest

February 12, 2008 3:12:55 PM PST
A Delaware man is in trouble for what appears to be a random assault on unsuspecting guests in a hotel lobby. Police say it's what he said during the rampage that's got him facing even more charges.Police say the suspect attacked four people he didn't know at the Best Western Hotel on Concord Pike, hurling racial slurs at the white victims.

One of those guests was able to leave the hotel, clearly injured, but walking on his own. Another had to be taken to a hospital. Police say 32-year-old Aaron Wright attacked 4 people in the lobby around 8:20 a.m., and investigators still don't know why. What they do know is the victims, all guests, were standing in the lobby when Wright allegedly went on a sudden and very violent rampage.

Sgt Joshua Bushweller of the Delaware State Police says, "Two of the victims were knocked unconscious as a result of the punches that these individuals took. Fairly decent sized gentleman who was striking them in the face and knocked 2 of them out on the floor and then struck them with chairs."

When the attack ended, police say Aaron Wright fled the hotel in a vehicle used to transport guests.

Wright left his luggage behind, along with his photo copied from his license when he checked in. the van, with Wright in it, was stopped by police in Chester, Pennsylvania shortly after the attack. He was tracked down thanks to an On Star System in the vehicle.

Investigators say Wright lives in Wilmington, but checked in the hotel last night after returning from Texas. Prior court records show Wright has been arrested for drugs and other related charges. Police are still trying to determine what is behind his latest brush with the law.

Mangers at the hotel refused to comment about what happened in the lobby, saying in a written statement, the safety of their guests and employees is their top concern.