Aspiring porn stars charged as burglars

June 11, 2008 8:07:45 AM PDT
We are learning more about the twins who have been charged in the roof-top burglary in South Philadelphia.

The Goffney twins are a unique pair of South Jersey natives trying to make names for themselves in the gay porn business, authorities said.

The biggest splash made so far by the 25-year-old twins is allegedly in the breaking and entering of businesses. They were arrested in just days ago for breaking into a South Philadelphia beauty shop and the adjacent fast food joint using a handsaw and an ax to gain entry.

From there, police say, Taleon Goffney uses his training in gymnastics and martial arts to complete their heists.

"Once he hacks through the roof, he lowers himself to the floor to rip off the ATM machine," explained Capt. John Gallagher.

The twins are the targets of a three-state investigation in more than 40 rooftop breakins committed over the last 18 months, but police are just learning of their gay porn sideline. Their reputation as criminals has grown faster than their rep as actors.

Police say Taleon Goffney swam across a deep pond while handcuffed two years ago as he made a daring escape from the back of a moving patrol car after being busted for crack-cocaine and gun possession. Police say officers were injured in their futile effort to recapture him.