New drug to treat depression

March 9, 2008 10:11:01 AM PDT
A new drug to fight serious depression has gotten government approval.

Pristiq is a once-a-day pill that's aimed a patients who may not respond to other antidepressants. It acts on 2 brain chemicals, so it may work faster than medications that only act on one chemical.

Pristiq, which was developed by Wyeth, should be on its way to pharmacies this spring.

University of Missouri scientists are studying great voices, to help people with chronic vocal problems , such as Parkinson's patients

They are using instruments in the lab to study exactly which organ or muscle is working when someone speaks or sings.

Once they know what works, researchers will be better able to analyze voices that aren't working, and make corrections.

The author of a new best-seller on fighting the clock made a stop in King of Prussia.

Charla Krupp, author of "how Not to Look Old," was signing copies of her book at Bloomingdale's.

Krupp says her book is geared toward the Baby Boomer who doesn't want to be the oldest looking woman at the office.

Her most important tip? Change your lipstick! "Switch to pink lipstick, lighten up," Krupp said, "put on a gloss and your whole face will be more radiant."

In her book, Krupp singles out a local doctor, Dr. Allan Wulc, for his innovative way of using Restylane to perk up droopy earlobes. "It's genius if you have a little Restylane left over you put it in it picks up the little hole and your diamond studs aren't going south they're going right on where they should be."

Krupp says it's not about looking better from the outside, but feeling better from the inside.