Gas prices big trouble for small businesses

April 1, 2008 4:16:22 PM PDT
With sky high gas prices, local business are feeling the pinch."We never charged for delivery, and now, we charge ten dollars for delivery," Edward Morris of WD Martine and Sons florists said.

Charging for delivery is just part of the new equation for shop owner Edward Morris. If a floral delivery calls for too far a drive from his North Wilmington shop, Morris says he's resorted to giving the orders to other florists.

"How much can you charge? After a while you'll be charging more for delivery than you will for the flowers," Morris said.

After more than 40 years in the business, Morris says this has been his worst year ever; he's already closed 4 of his 7 nurseries and will likely close down the rest very soon because he just cant afford to keep his precious plants and beautiful flowers warm anymore.

"With the price of oil, I don't see how we can grow another year," Morris said.

Across town at the Paris Pizza shop, a sign went up declaring no more five dollar pizza specials, due to the cost of flour and cheese rising.

"Now, with the bread prices up, the steak prices up, cheese prices up, I have to change the price," Alex Demican of Paris Pizza said.

Small businesses can only hope for loyal customers who will support them through these tough economic times.

As gas prices continue to climb, things are only expected to get worse for small businesses and their customers.