Mother mugged while carrying infant

April 8, 2008 3:39:59 PM PDT
In Upper Darby a woman was mugged while carrying her 7-month-old baby down the street. Tonight police have two suspects in custody.

Samara Peace told police she was walking through the Highland Park section of Upper Darby around 11:00 Monday night, headed to the 69th Street Terminal to go home to Sharon Hill. She was carrying her infant daughter in a papoose style front carrier when suddenly was attacked by a pair of thugs.

Peace told reporters, "The first time when he hit, he hit the back of my baby's head, and that's what hit me. And that's what made me hit back. And he hit back, and a couple of hits went back and forth."

Finally, Peace says this pair of hoodlums wrestled her purse containing $10 and her childcare items and fled. But they did not get far.

Peace told police the muggers fled just a few yards away into 34 Pennock Road. Within moments they had arrested the 19-year-old suspects Demetrius Batts of Hansberry Street in Philadelphia, and Carlos Boothe of 34 North Pennock in Upper Darby. They face multiple charges including reckless endangerment and theft.

Upper Darby Police Supt. Michael Chitwood said of the suspects, "They both have significant criminal records for drugs, thefts, fire arms and robberies, and they're on the streets of our communities."

Batts and Boothe are being held on $100,000 cash bail. The police commander says there have been a number of street robberies lately in Upper Darby.

18-year-old Samara Peace is back home safe and sound tonight, along with her daughter, how was not injured in this attack.