It's easy being green

April 23, 2008 8:48:26 PM PDT
In case you haven't noticed green is the new black. Earth Day may have been Tuesday, but of course respecting the earth is something we should do every day. We've narrowed down some informative websites designed to help you go green. is a one-stop shop for going green. This site offers the latest advice and lifestyle option for maintaining a climate conscious existence. The site offers some earth-saving home improvement tips and even has an interactive quiz to find out how "green" you are.

Green Cleaning

Although you may be clearing winter cobwebs by doing some spring-cleaning, you could be polluting the air. will educate you on just how toxic our cleaning supplies can be both to our health and to the fragile stability of the local ecosystem. This site offers alternatives to traditional household cleaners, from dish soap to detergent.


We've all heard of low carb. What about Low Carbon? Believe it or not, even the food you eat has a direct impact on climate change. has a low carbon calculator to allow you to compare the carbon impacts of your food choices. Just click and drag a food item into the frying pan to see the impact of the grub on the globe.

Green Kids

You're never too young to go green. So have your children log onto They guide Bobbie Bigfoot through a list of everyday tasks in helping him make the environmentally conscious decisions to make it through the day.

Green Challenge

Clayton Lane is co-founder of Twenty percent of Center City residents now use the eco-friendly service. Now the company is directing people to a site called For the month of May this site is challenging people to reduce your carbon footprint by handing over your keys and rely on walking, public transportation or sharing a ride.

On this website people will share their experience with each other and tell how easy or hard it was to get around on a bike.

On May 1, in exchange for your keys you'll get what's called a mobility package including free phillycarshare driving, a SEPTA pass, discounted Amtrak fares and a personal fitting for a free pair of walking shoes.