Police: Cameras caught vandals in action

April 14, 2008 3:45:31 PM PDT
Officers are examining tapes after a school was ransacked.

Police think the vandals struck Sunday Edision High School night, sometime after 8 p.m. They believe three people are responsible for the damage. More than a dozen computers were destroyed, as well as several copy machines. Reports are that when the Home and School Association offices were hit, the vandals stole several thousand dollars.

The cafeteria, computer labs, administrative offices were all hit, and windows were broken throughout the building.

The school's staff started finding the damage when they began arriving for classes Monday morning.

Classes are going on for the roughly 2,000 students at the school, despite the vandalism.

"There hasn't been any loss of instruction," Principal David Lugo told reporters. We're running usual business day here in our school. The kids are expected to get their report cards today. So everything is business as usual."

The vandals tried to disconnect the surveillance system, but police have been able to salvage some security video. They say it shows three culprits.

"It shows three gentlemen walking through the corridor of the school," State Representative Angel Cruz (D) told reporters outside the school Monday morning. "They were carrying bags."

Cruz said he's been battling with the school district over installing better cameras inside the school, because he believes the current system is inadequate. A school district official says the school has more than 30 security cameras inside.

The office of Sara Molara, Edison's Home and School President, was trashed in the vandalism.

"They broke all the windows in the library. They destroyed the principal's office completely," Molara said. "They destroyed glass doors. I mean, they have broken everything in our school."

Students who spoke with Action News suspect this was an inside job by fellow students and they are angry.