Mrs. Fixit: Crafty Stains

May 2, 2008 2:51:22 AM PDT
Craft projects are fun, and they can be very fulfilling. But they can be very messy. I have some tips on how to deal with those crafty messes.

Acrylic paint yields great results unless you get them on your clothes. The key: act quickly.

For acrylic stains on clothes, lay an old towel on the item. Then dab the stain with a white cloth and cool water until no more color comes off.

Treat any remaining stain with rubbing alcohol. Then launder in warm water.

Remember, don't toss it in the dryer until the stain is completely gone.

Glue guns are notorious for dripping.

To prevent messes on your work surface, rest your gun on a metal tray or an old cookie sheet when you're not using it.

If you did get some glue on your working surface, use a hair dryer to reheat it and peel it away. Don't try to chip hardened glue away off of a surface, it'll take the finish away.

Like glitter, but hate the mess? Apply adhesive to the item, and then place it in a shallow cardboard box like the one canned goods comes in.

Apply your glitter in the box. This way the glitter will stay in the box and not on the work surface where it can be spilled and tracked all over.

If you get glitter on your carpet or clothing, just use a sticky lint roller to clean it up quick. Some easy tips for cleaning up those crafty messes.

I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.