Man admits he's 1980s 'Pillowcase Burglar'

May 6, 2008 8:08:39 AM PDT
A burglar caught leaving an upstate New York home with a pillowcase full of change has admitted to being the "Pillowcase Burglar" responsible for a slew of crimes 25 years ago, authorities said.

Thomas Aquino pleaded guilty in Genesee County Court on Monday to 10 counts of burglary.

The charges date back to 10 home burglaries reported in January, February and March.

Because of the statute of limitations, he will not face charges in 20 or more burglaries in 1983 attributed to the Pillowcase Burglar. The criminal was nicknamed for the bedding he stole to carry his loot. While he was charged, police said he admitted to those burglaries.

In between the burglary sprees, the 52-year-old Aquino spent much of his time in prison on armed robbery, DWI and gun charges. He was held without bail while awaiting sentencing June 17.

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