Stolen show dog "Bond" returned

May 20, 2008 8:57:25 PM PDT
A stolen show dog has been returned to its family in Harleysville, Montgomery County, and needless to say, it's been quite an ordeal. It was tears of joy tonight for everyone who loves a tiny rat terrier named "Bond."

Lee Isabella, of Harleysville, says for the past 24 hours it's been "a lot of no sleep, no eating, a lot of worrying."

Isabella, her husband and two teenage children take care of the dog. The family's friend, Stacey McWilliams, is the breeder.

"I can't comprehend how people think. I don't think they realize what they put me through and this family through," said McWilliams.

Bond is a national show dog valued at $15,000.

Police said the dog was stolen around 5:30 Monday evening from the Isabella family's yard in Harleysville. A witness at a golf course across the street told the family she saw a woman pull up to the house, put the dog in her car and take off.

"I thought he ran away or something. I was scared. I started crying," said Anthony Isabella.

The family put up flyers around town, asking for help finding Bond. Late today a woman who claimed she took the dog contacted the Isabella family to return the dog as long as it was no questions asked. So the family did not get the answers they were looking for, but they did get their dog back and much relief.

"My husband and son turned their back for a second and it was gone. We said to our children, see how quick we lost the dog, that's how quick we can lose you," said Isabella.

Now everyone is looking forward to Bond's next competition, in June.