Pro Cycling comes to Lehigh Valley

June 5, 2008 11:07:46 AM PDT
The first ever Lehigh Valley Classic lived up to its name. As we replay the photo finish to this 85 mile race, we can tell you the gentleman who raised his hands a little early, still won the race by less than an inch.

He is Ukrainian cyclist Yuri Metlushenko, and speaking through his interpreter he says, he almost blew it.

He said he was a little bit stupid to raise his hand early but he was sure he was going to win. Metlushenko says he was feeling strong from the beginning of the race, had good sensation, good legs and he was lucky in the end.

Metlushenko and the other racers from all over the world travelled a 7 mile course, which they circled 12 times.

Some of the best cyclists on Earth took part and that goes for the pro women's race as well.

Legendary German cyclist Ina Teutenberg took the top prize for the ladies.

Now she says she's ready for the Reading Classic on Thursday and a date with the Manayunk wall on Sunday in Philadelphia.

Asked if she was prepared for the wall, Teutenberg said it's been her goal all week. She called it a special race and said she can't wait for Sunday.