Slow down drivers, and Drive CarePhilly!

June 13, 2008 10:45:04 AM PDT
The City of Philadelphia wants you to Drive CarePhilly, and they are cracking down on speeders and aggressive drivers.Speeding problems are what prompted a new initiative called "Drive CarePhilly." The City Streets Department worked with federal agencies and the police to put the plan together.

The program was launched on the 9200 block of Bluegrass Road in the Northeast. Highly visible speed limit signs have been added to the block, along with 3D images on the roadway that look like obstacles. In addition, the city's first residential speed humps.

The final part of this plan is stepped-up police enforcement. Traffic officers will use "Vascar Speed-Trackers" to monitor drivers. Those who don't slow down will get tickets... starting now.

The new measures were installed about 10 days ago, and residents say already they've made a difference.

In addition to the Drive CarePhilly program, three new red light cameras are going up in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority announced Thursday the locations for the new cameras: 58th and Walnut in West Philadelphia and in North Philadelphia at Broad and Hunting Park Avenue and 9th and Roosevelt Boulevard.

The city currently has 10 red light cameras, mostly along Roosevelt Boulevard.

City Council gave the green light to expand the camera program last month.