Robbery victim speaks of officers' heroics

June 24, 2008 3:34:05 PM PDT
Bryan Halligan says he considers the two officers his own super heroes. The 25-year-old told Action News he was on his way home from religious services when he found himself praying for his life. Halligan details the terrifying ordeal, saying, "When I turned the corner it was just a life changing experience. It went from literally laughing and joking with a couple of friends in parting, and coming face to face with death. The suspects instantly, when I walked past them pulled their guns out. Actually, one to my neck, one to me lower back."

Halligan says the two armed men told him to hand over his money or they would kill him.

"I just thought my life was over, and then when cops came instantly I noticed they were plan clothes so I didn't realize who they were."

But Officer Mark Uffleman and his partner did realize what was going on. Halligan tells Action News the two undercover cops started chasing the two criminals.

Halligan tells Action News, "The two suspects took off on foot...and I was trying to let the officers know they had guns already pulled and they were ready to use it. And no sooner I said there's weapons, there was a whole bunch of gunfire, I was already in the car, and it was just smoke everywhere and bullets ricocheting."

Halligan said it was only later he found out that Officer Uffleman had taken a bullet.

He had this message for the two men he considers his heroes: "Thanks. You saved my life. Literally."

Halligan said he only had thirty dollars on him. He said things have been tight because his mother just had surgery for cancer and he has been trying to help her with medical bills.