UFO sightings in Bucks County

July 2, 2008 4:51:08 PM PDT
The truth is out there - in fact, it just might be hovering over Bucks County.Route 1 as it passes the Oxford Valley Mall is a typical suburban strip, however, the talk of this town is multiple reports of UFO sightings.

There was a split reaction at the Blue Fountain Diner.

"I think I was telling everybody the aliens were coming, and I'm not the crazy one anymore," Yvonne Simpson said.

"No, I think somebody is smoking something funny or imagining things; no, I don't believe in that," Nancy Sdregas said.

UFOs and Bucks County is the stuff of movie fiction in the motion picture Signs released a few years ago.

As for the current claims, the first came in January, the police report says someone saw an object that looked like an octopus hovering, but a policeman said the object appeared to be a star.

However, more reports followed of objects near local mall

"It's definitely something. Could it be military? We're not sure if any military is flying an aircraft out there. It could be extraterrestrial," Bob Gardner, an UFO field investigator, said.

Bob Gardner is a volunteer investigator for the Mutual UFO Network.

He showed Action News images of something from one of his current investigation in Altoona. He will be one of three people looking at the Bucks County claims.

MUFON investigates reports all over the world; saying more than 90 percent of them can be explained as man-made.

LINK: http://www.PAMUFON.com