Toddler killed in crossfire shooting

August 5, 2008 4:44:42 AM PDT
It is a tragedy...a 4-year-old boy's short life was ended by a stray bullet as he played outside his police need your help finding at least one suspect. Tonight the grieving family of the 4-year old little boy murdered today left the Camden police department consumed by shock disbelief and anger. Neighbors who witnessed the shooting were horrified.

"He was just out there playing. He didn't ask for this," said one neighbor.

Police say it was just before 5:30 when police responded to a shooting at the 1300 block of Norris. The 4 year old was in his mother's arms, shot in the head.

Police rushed him to Cooper University Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police have issued a murder warrant for this man, 20-year old Donald Benjamin Lindsey of Camden. They believe he may have been involved in the gunfight that killed the four year old. "These kids need to get themselves together. All's crazy out here," said neighbor Shelly Reese.

This tragedy comes just a week after the city announced that a new police regime was in place to combat violence-plagued streets. The strategy: to saturate the area with more cops. Since that announcement there have been three homicides and seven shootings.