Del. boy breaks hitting record

Hunter Gaston started the World Series of the Babe Ruth League 11 for 11. It was his 15th hit that will always be a picturesque moment.

"When I first heard, I said, did they just say Jimmy Rollins?" Hunter said.

At first, Hunter thought that his parents won a raffle. He soon realized that he broke Jimmy Rollins' record for hits in the tournament, a record that has stood since 1991.

"I was like that kid must have got a lot of hits because I know I was doing a lot of hitting," Jimmy Rollins said.

Hunter would finish with 16 hits in all.

His team would finish champions of Cal Ripken World Series. As he hits eighth grade, his parents are thrilled that being a student of the game that he loves, has paid off.

"We were just astonished and of course when we heard it was Jimmy Rollins, we were very astonished," Anita Gaston, Hunter's mom, said.

"We spend a lot of time in the batting cages. Every night, I throw a lot of balls to him. He deserves it," Perry Gaston, Hunter's dad, said.

Hunter Gaston can celebrate his record, but let the record show, Rollins may want redemption in the future.

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