Community mourns fallen officer

February 14, 2009 4:21:54 PM PST
Area residents are just as stunned as the rest of us. The Olney Transportation Station bustled with activity today.

There was a little evidence of the coldblooded killing of officer John Pawlowski, except for a few torn pieces of crime scene tape.

Still, his tragic death weighed heavily on commuters.

"I'm so sorry because he is somebody's child, somebody's son, somebody's father, and he did not deserve to die like that and I think it's a disgrace," Tony Frazier of Olney said.

"These young guys have no regard for human life, especially a cop," Andre Anthony said.

Pawlowski is the sixth officer killed in the line of duty within the past year and a half.

A memorial for the other 5 officers hangs on the wall in the 35th District; now, another one of their own will be added.

The assault on the men and women in blue has residents saddened, angered, and some longing for a distant past.

"We never had anything like this when I was coming up, when Rizzo was mayor we didn't have this. You had troubles and problems, but you never had this,." Ron Bright said.

Officer Pawlowski's fellow officers walked in and out of the 35th District Saturday, weary and saddened, and most had no comment.

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