Stop overpaying your bills!

April 28, 2009 8:52:09 PM PDT
A growing number of companies are offering temporary jobs and there is a new easy way to shrink your monthly bills.Many people overpay on certain monthly bills and don't even realize it but a new, free service can help us all eliminate that problem.

Right now consumers are saving an average of $300 a year on their wireless service and about $1,000 a year on their credit cards!

Money's tight for the Schwartz family.

"Sometimes we have to use our credit cards for the essentials such as food so it's really just trying to pay them down is my goal," said Caron Schwartz of North Wales.

To help them cut down on their credit cards and more Action News hooked the Schwartz's up with Peter Pham of

"Bill shrink is a free site to help consumers save money on everyday bills."

All you have to do is answer a few questions and then Bill Shrink comes back with personalized results on what you should do to save money on your cell phone, gas, and credit cards! It promises to help you in less than a minute!

"So if you're not paying off your credit card every month, this card is going to cost you about $5200 over the course of the next three years."

Even though the Schwartz's have a card with zero annual fees they're spending a lot of money in high interest. And because they often pay a couple different cards late they're wasting money on multiple penalties!

Our Bill Shrink expert says they should consolidate their cards. He also points them to a card that will save them $2400 over the next three years in interest and fees!

And here's the coolest thing about Bill Shrink it monitors credit card and cell phone companies for policy and rate changes as well as promotional offers. If it tracks and finds something new that can save you more money Bill Shrink will alert you by email!

Beware of checks being mailed to potential mystery shoppers! Experts say never deposit checks you receive unexpectedly. And the FBI is warning against other fraudulent work-at-home schemes. Be suspicious of investing in supposed home-based businesses especially if you have to pay money up-front for instructions or products. Also, do not provide personal information when first interacting with prospective employers.

Many companies are offering legitimate short-term gigs and temp jobs for all kinds of positions and a number of online resources can help you find these potential employers.

Robert Half International and Spherion look for folks to fill short term gigs in the management, legal, financial, and technical sectors. is a job board for people in I-T. helps Fortune 500 clients and nonprofits find interim managers.

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