Storm causes confusion at airport


"We have spent hours and hours in lines," Linda Horton of Langhorne, Pa. said.

Linda tried keeping her composure, but 34 hours of trying to get home from the Dominican Republic had her nerves frayed.

"We spent the night in the airport in North Carolina. I think we were patient for the first 31 hours," Linda said.

But her patience soon worn thin. US Airways lost her baggage which tacked on several more hours.

"All of these people you see around me came on the same flight and we're all missing our bags so I'd really like to know where our bags went. How could they lose most of a plane full of bags?" Linda said.

Her fellow passenger Karol Dostalick of Harrisburg was equally frustrated.

"US Air admitted that they didn't put it on the plane so we waited 2 hours, over 2 hours, for bags that weren't going to come out and they knew it," Karol said.

It seems the problems piled up like the snow outside.

Elizabeth Johnson of Phoenixville finally landed in Philadelphia around 4:00 p.m. However, she didn't get off the plane until 7:00 p.m.

"They kept telling us we were the next plane in line, we were the next plane in line; they gave us complimentary cookies, but we really just sat out there with really no answers," Elizabeth said.

US Airways tells Action News the record setting storm cancelled half of its 800 scheduled flights here in Philadelphia over the past two days.

The airline and Philadelphia International Airport say they're doing the best they can to provide adequate customer service and get flights back up and running. They also say weather events like this weekend's are going to create delays.

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